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Aert, also known as Sander (22), is born and raised in Rotterdam. Producing music starting from a very young age and took his brain in many different styles of electronic music. Rotterdam is the place where the raw and uncut hardcore-kicks came from and Aert believes this to be one of his biggest influences for […]

D. Carbone

D. Carbone

Davide Carbone, music producer/DJ and label manager, born and raised in the Vesuvian area, he is now based in Berlin. Always passionate by the musical industry, he starts to develop several aliases and collaborations, working abreast with a musical collective, developing a strong circle of labels.

Deep Dimension

Deep Dimension

Deep Dimension is a dynamic duo from The Netherlands. Formed by Jeffrey Hek & Jimmy van de Geijn. Both being active DJ’s/Producers for over 20 years which is evident by their powerful sets and records. They evolved from being solo artists to a duo in 2015 bringing a whole new dimension to the dancefloors.

Esther Duijn

Esther Duijn

Esther Duijn’s sound is characterised by the deeper side of techno and house music. Growing up in The Netherlands shaped Esther’s music as she absorbed the rich Dutch scene of the time. Having released on labels like Fred P’s Soul People Music, German Housewax and Portuguese Exquisite Music, solo and also with her long-time production […]



Falhaber is a young producer who’s obsessed with hard pounding sounds and brutal distortions. He delivers an aggressive and powerfull sound with an interesting build up and overwhelming breakdowns to keep the dancefloor going. Falhaber’s sound is a combination of industrial madness and fast paced old school, which creates aggressive tracks on a high tempo […]

Ghost In The Machine

Ghost In The Machine

Frank Nitzinsky and Nils van Lingen’s Ghost in the Machine project started out as little more than a name the two DJs used when playing oldschool acid sets together. In 2016 the two discovered that they had both developed a desire to take their project far beyond the occasional DJ set. The duo made short […]

Ireen Amnes

Ireen Amnes

Ireen Amnes is London’s rising techno star, DJ, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Born in Rome and now rooted in London, Ireen is the unexpected champion of London’s underground and undiscovered club scene. Ireen’s eclectic, electric, sometimes dark and moody musical journey has moved effortlessly through the genres of rock and metal, into the contrasting world […]


Jorn Luka

Breaking into the scene quite recently, Jorn Luka is establishing a strong artist-profile. As founder of the famous Dutch club BASIS, the festival By the Creek and the house & techno-event Nachtcollege, Jorn always had a special love with electronic music. Now he is finally turning his perspective on and love for techno into well […]



In 2008, aged 16; Justin performed on stage for the very first time. With his own equipment and specific-training he quickly got a professional touch for music. His personal music style developed tastefully. He experimented with different styles just until the year 2014.



Noneoftheabove known as Yoeri van Eijk & Nigel Wildeboer are growing into a well known and respected industrial duo that has been in the business for over seven years. ‘Hotspot’ and ‘A1’ where very loved by the people and have supported all over the world!



Justin Vlug is a 20 years old artist from Rotterdam, Holland. He listened to harder electronic music since he was a teenager. Then he went to his first techno party and totally fell in love with the music and the atmosphere. From this day on, techno became a real passion for him and he decided […]



Born in Amsterdam Ringo enjoyed a loving upbringing. At a young age he played in several punkrock bands. At one point he discovered electronic music and started organising illegal warehouse parties with a close friend. This venture caused a turn regarding his own musical direction.



Loving the old and new techno, from hard-hitting techno tools to atmospheric landscapes, makes him able to come up with a variety of sets, while never losing his mission to put the crowd in a certain trance.



Stratum is one of the quiet type; not one you’d expect to walk on a stage and control dancefloors from the beginning till the end of his sets, over and over again. Yet he is exactly that. A music collector for over ten years, thereby refining his taste, or niche even, to his own distinctive […]