At the helm of Destroy to Rebuild and fresh off a release on SNTS’s label Sacred Court, 7CIRCLE is a musical project without boundaries. Drawing from post punk and metal roots, VII Circle navigates across all genres including techno, industrial and hardcore without compromise or […]


  Brecc is a powerful techno DJ & producer hailing from the Dutch city of Utrecht. His productions and DJ sets combine raw industrial sounds, weird textures, violent synths and acid with hard-hitting kicks with an old UK techno twist. His relentless DJ sets are […]


One of the most exciting additions to the industrial techno scene is Belgian DJ and producer Cancel, a self-acclaimed techno manipulator with firm roots in the underground of hardcore. Cancel displays a raw, straightforward, obscure shade of techno, crafted with a level of quality and […]


Getting in touch with techno at the young age of 18, Cynthia Spiering has been making quite a name for her self these past years. It all started when she first began working in the vibrant Rotterdam techno scene. Always wondering how the many DJs […]


With the earlier sound as the recurring theme in his productions and energetic sets, Producer and DJ DIØN is merging the new and old school together in a flow of Rave, Hardcore and Techno. DIØN released his tracks on various renowned record labels and started […]


Dissolver is a live techno artist who focuses to showcase his unique and recognisable sound to the world while always staying close to his motto: “Live hardware techno but not as serious”. As a member of upcoming Eindhoven-based collectives De Missie and Bauplan, Dissolver has […]


Dutch-born artist Don Woezik is an undeniably talented Techno artist on the rise. Based in Malmö, Sweden, Don’s work has become commonplace in the track-lists of many of the genre’s leading names, as well as featuring on an increasing number of well-respected global electronic imprints. A […]


Ghost in the Machine is mean, tightly-coiled, unyielding techno, laced with unnerving ambiance and a constant brooding tension.Lifelong friends Frank Nitzinsky and Nils van Lingen turned their sights onto techno in 2016 with a series of releases on their newly minted industrial techno vinyl imprint […]


KETTING is an upcoming artist with a musical taste that is intertwined with his interest in architecture and engineering. His degree in the latter has inspired him to shape an industrial sound with which he tries to evoke a raw feeling of space. He has […]


Lene Ma Rue is a hard techno DJ and producer born in Tartu in 1999. She is currently based in Tallinn, Estonia and has been captivating audiences around the world with her fast-paced and hard-hitting sound. Her sets are a mix of hard-groove, punk techno, […]


Ma Čka is a techno producer and DJ from Paris, France. “A new cold breath in Industrial Techno.” A steep, dark, powerful industrial techno with a meticulously calibrated saturation, integrating singular textures, both cold and fiery. This is how the universe of Ma Čka can […]


Introducing MOIA, an impressive Polish DJ/Producer and a highly potent figure in the Berlin techno scene. Throughout the past few years, she has been imposing a strong presence in countless events and clubs delivering unique sets dominated by her signature style which taps into layers […]


Labels : Exhale, Dusk, Etruriabeat, Neoacid, Sonaxx & More. A young duo from Liverpool who won’t settle until they are at the top with their unique, evil, hardcore style beats, heavy kicks and ecstatic acid they are ready to Destroy the dance floor at any given […]


Two like-minded shadows scouring through the night, distorted sounds hailing from the void, obscure images emerging out of the dark – a new musical formation has risen from the edge of our postmodern world: OVERDRIVE. The musical duo, consisting of Synoid’s THAM and the Destroy […]


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Vera Grace is a DJ & producer currently based in Amsterdam. Her unique, raw sound is defined by industrial textures and dark atmospheres with an intense vibe. Relentlessly energetic on stage, Vera draws you into a restless journey, inspired […]