Interview with Vaulted x Tapage Nocturne : Falhaber



From: The Hague (070)

Name: Josey Falhaber

How are you doing?
So far so good, curious what this interview is gonna bring me.. Hehe

Has the sanitary crisis been beneficial for you at any point?
Hmm well I’d definitely say that there are more cons than pros. It did give me the opportunity to make more music as I had a lot of spare time, but sitting inside didn’t really give me any inspiration at all. It did make me think about life in general and it also made me realize how important it is to interact with each other.

Tell us about someone you admire.
Oh that’s definitely my mom. She has always supported me no matter what I did as long as I followed my dreams. Besides that I also really admire her because of her strength and ability to take care of people, even though it hasn’t always been easy for her. As cliché as it is, she really is my biggest fan. I always get a text from her wishing me good luck before traveling to a gig, pretty often she ‘s even more up to date with my schedule than I am haha.

Do you think the digital revolution has affected your work as an artist?
Well the digital revolution as in live streams being all over the place definitely changed something yeah. But oh well, at least it’s still a way to be able to spread music. Really hoping for the day to come that we’re able to really come together as usual tho.

What would be your dream gig? line up?
Well given the fact that I discovered electronic music such as Techno at Dour festival 7 years ago while celebrating my 16th birthday which really got me into all this, I would say that that’s a gig I could dream about. I ended up going there like 3 or 4 years in a row (can’t even recall exactly how much, if you’ve ever been there you probably know why).

Line up wise, I would just love to have all my friends and favourite (upcoming) DJ’s on the timetable. There’s so much undiscovered talent to be found, over here in The Hague and all over the world.

Pros and Cons of being a DJ
Pros are seeing new places while traveling the world and meeting new people. Sharing the energy with a crowd during a gig is really the best feeling ever. I often take a step back and think about what’s going on, that I’m able to do what I love is just really a blessing for me.

Cons are definitely sleepless nights and exhausting travel schedules. Bust still, I’ll embrace those everyday if that enables me to do this.

How do you think the techno industry will be like in 15y
Haha pff I rather not think about that. Let’s pray for this industry, and especially the smaller initiatives to survive this period first. I definitely hope not, but in 15 years it might end up as more of an Instagram (or whatever social media platform is cool then) industry, than a techno one.. Let’s see.

What is your secret happy song?
Oh that’s not really a big secret, but the jam that always get’s me going is Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Murder On The Dancefloor. Or Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous, or Madonna – Hung Up, there’s actually way too many. This list could go on forever.

Tell us more about your music plans for future
Well I’m currently working on my first album. Actually I’ve been working on this for 3 years already but the project is now really starting to get the right shape. It will be a super diverse album presenting music types that I’ve never released before. I’m so excited to finally share a more deep going release than a banger 4 track EP. Of course the album also contains some hard stuff, but that’s definitely not the main thing. I’m planning on releasing it at the end of the year or the beginning of the new one, but please don’t shoot me if I don’t make that. I’m really only able to work whenever I have inspiration and I just can’t force myself to make music. It happens quite often that I don’t even touch anything for over a week because I don’t feel like it, but whenever I do get inspiration and start to work I can go on and on. I’m not sure if this is the way to go, but it works for me haha. I also recently started studying again (partly due to covid) so I also just simply have less time than before. But somehow the less time I have to work on music, the more inspiration I get and the more tempting I am to hit the studio.

Besides the album I also did a few remixes lately which will come up and I’ll probably create an EP or 2 with tracks that are still laying around, waiting to be finished. I once did the sound design for a contemporary dance performance called ERROR404. This was such an unique experience that I would definitely love to do something like that again in the future as well.

What would be your dream B2B?
To be honest, I don’t really have one. I do always love playing with Tim Tama as Countershades, so I would say that he’s my dream guy. Oh and I still need to do an Oldschool-Hardstyle set one day together with a really good friend of mine who makes music under the name Deadcrow hehe

What would you do if you weren’t a DJ?
For the past few years I’ve always worked in the event industry. I’ve been working at PIP here in The Hague for like 5 years where I do bookings and travels. I also take care of bookings for other artists under the agency Zest and I organize a yearly skateboarding event together with 3 friends under the name of MalieMadnezz. So I guess I would be still working in that environment. Even though all these things are on hold now due to corona, so I guess I would be as jobless as I am today haha.

Warehouse or Club ? why?
This is a hard one. For example the warehouse scene in France is super unique and exciting but I also love smaller, more intense venues such as Tresor to play. One thing that I always prefer is to stay at the same height as the crowd. Standing on a big stage with shitloads of visuals jumpin in the background while the CO2 cannons are blazing over the drop is not really for me. I prefer a dark environment with nothing more than a strobe and people dancing.

Fun Fact about an artist you know
I ain’t no snitch 😉

Tell us a funny story about a gig you did
I actually have more dramatic stories than funny ones haha. For example being stuck in Lissabon after losing my ID which made me stay there for a day longer with missing my gig as a result. Oh and I have a seriously bad habit of forgetting my headphones at gigs. But I guess I was doomed from the start as my first gig ever didn’t really go as planned as well:

I got asked to play in Paris like 5 or 6 years ago, but I couldn’t even DJ back then. I just made a few tracks for the fun of it and released my first EP on T/W/B and they asked me to play at an afterparty of a fashion show. Of course I said yes, so I had a week to practise over at friends’ houses. As you can probably imagine I was nervous as hell. I was playing B2B with Meddy, who was also on T/W/B, and we we’re doing the closing. I already went to his house in Paris a week prior to the gig to prepare the set together haha. Once the night was there I had friends coming over from Holland to come and see me play. But unfortunately, once we started playing, the security came over and told us to stop without any reason.
We just played for like 15 minutes, given the fact that it was a B2B I probably played like 2 or 3 tracks during my first gig. It was really a bummer, especially since I had friends coming over from Holland. I also booked an Airbnb for the weekend after the event, but the owner never replied when I stood in front of the house. So I had to find a last minute hotel room at like 11AM and while looking for that the handle of my trolley also broke off. So yeah it was really an unpleasant situation but nowadays I’m able to laugh about it. Luckily I had lots of very nice gigs afterwards.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Definitely eating kapsalon, the best (hangover) snack in the world.

What is your mindset when working on a new track? new EP?
I don’t really have a certain mindset, I just go with the flow. Usually I get inspiration from daily life things which motivate me to make music. Sometimes when I have a weekend of only making music without seeing the outside world I often go for a walk in nature. This is always a perfect way for me to clear my mind, rest my ears and get back on it fully charged.

If you could travel in time, would you go in the future or the past ? when exactly?
Oh the past for sure, the future is just scary. I would probably go back to the 90’s to party my ass off.

Tell us one your first music memories
Well my dad has always played in bands so I guess my first music memory would be visiting his gigs and seeing him on stage. He played trombone, trumpet and flute in Ska bands but nowadays he’s more into Jazz I think. He used to play his CD’s in the house so music was basically always around me.

Another music memory is seeing Barthezz – On The Move on MTV while I was like 4 or 5 years old. I remember being so amazed by this track, it was something completely different than I’ve ever heard. There were no guitars, drummers, vocalists etc. etc, it was just one guy playing some keys. I didn’t understand how it worked, but the sound of it really got me. It was not like I got further into electronic music then, it was actually when I found the track again a few years ago that this memory popped op. Crazy how that works. I still play that track during my sets sometimes, when the moment is right.

Are you sometimes fed up with music?

What’s your favourite animal?
CATS. I fucking love cats. I used to have two cats called Spongebob and Patrick (R.I.P) and they were the sweetest animals ever. Whenever I got home Spongebob would always run up at me and when we were hanging out with loads of people he’d come and chill with us. If my door was closed at night he would scratch on the door until I opened it as he wanted to sleep next to me every night. Whenever I had a shitty day I would just go home and cuddle with him. Best sadness cure ever. I still really miss him until this day but he had a wonderful and long life. Yeah, cats are great.

What are you most proud of?
Music wise I would say the album that I’m working on and the contemporary dance performance for which I did the sound design. I finally got to make something else than 4×4 bangers which was so nice to do. We did the premiere in a warehouse type of building called Optie B, which is the second venue of PIP. It was such an unique setting and seeing what the dancers did on my music really amazed me.

I also did my graduation internship at Tresor in Berlin for 6 months. I got to learn so much during this period of working in the office and the team there is just so nice. At the end of my internship I hosted my own night in Tresor for which I invited PIP over in the Globus room, bringing some serious legends such as Unit Moebius (with Guy Tavares, Jan Duivenvoorden and Richard van Den Bogaert who hadn’t performed together for ages), DJ Overdose B2B Technician and the infamous The Hague name holders JEANS & Andre Agressi. Downstairs in the cage it was Olivier Abbeloos (T99), Talismann and me. The people of Tresor told me that I had to do the closing, which turned out to be my longest set so far. I played from 06:00 till 13:30 and the club was fully packed all night. I was so exhausted afterwards but I’ve never felt so satisfied, and I guess I could say proud, in my entire life.

What topic in the current world scene are you interested by?
I don’t really follow any certain current topics but the study that I just started is to be a history teacher. I would say that I’m more fascinated about the past than I am about the future. The study on how and why things happened as they happened is something that I’m really interested in. We are now studying the Greeks and Romans which is one of the most exciting times for me. So that’s basically the topic that I’m interested in nowadays, even though it’s not really current haha.

Is there something that disappoints you in the underground scene? What can we do to improve?